website of one of the were the century, Twenty-One, and the third millennium are considered. When the websites start to work in various areas of the camp. the owners of the companies, it were to improve its business, and that their introduction in the world of websites for help. The reason for all this welcome can also be the number of users of this space know. Internet users for every purchase or information, anything it in Google Search are. Maybe believe it is not, but users, even fabric, etc. clothes and even their food together from the internet procure.

In the continuation of this article we are going to take you to the reasons, which makes to website design need it. familiar with it.

web site?

web site a collection of pages linked together that these pages can contain text, images, sound, video or any other files are. Usually the pages in a site, if regular for a specific purpose Together has put a Other link given, Petraeus said, and each page can certain services to users offer

these pages and files to display data should be in a computer connected to the Internet Put that to it, the server is said to be. Server کامپیتور powerful are the ones who help network high speed dedicated connected to the internet have been

servers, as well as to help software dedicated management and are to space small more are divided in the host or hosting space that can be actually web-sites on these hosts are set up.

the reasons that you to the web site, you need to:

1 . The website you introduced to the world of work. Your website, only specific city or country, you not website, you will be at the level of the world, and for boarding introduced.

2 . web site your ad at any time and any place are: at the expense of advertising can save it. every time products, you upgrade find out how much it costs to spend a reprint of brochures, product guide and inform the customer that their you get! While the cost of update the website, comparable with the cost of printing does not at the same time that the scope wider, it also aims to puts. A ‌third, the people of the world use the internet, can‌their ads on the internet and the introduction of your website compared to other media, such as radio, TV, magazines and بیلبردها far cheaper is. Do not forget, never be able to provide their goods and services to people, you won't be unless their presence continuously remind you and having a website, this cost is very less you do and yields much better Want found.