What is the Bureau of Indian standard?

BIS certification is only provided in India by Bureau of Indian Standard ( BIS), From a really long time, the National Standard Body has been successfully promoting and Nurturing the standard movement within the country. To be very authentic this certification has taken place in our country many years ago it has been established in our country since the time of 1947.BIS came into existence in 1987 through an Act of Parliament.

It is a factual thing that BIS certification is involved in various activities like standards formulation, certification of products, Hallmarking, testing and Calibration scheme and more.

BIS product certification scheme

So what is this is product certification scheme before heading towards the deep insides of the scheme we should know what actually it is and how does it work it is truly said that this BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme is eventually every essential for those manufacturers those are manufacturing some particular goods which throw bad effects on the public health and environment.

BIS product certification scheme is one of the largest in the world, with over 26500 licensees covering more than 900 products. It can be said that the certification scheme is spread all over the country and it also gives certification to some of the manufacturers who are manufacturing at overseas.

BIS certification allows the licensees to use the popular ISI marks on their personal product this ISI mark is said to be the symbol for qualitative products which eventually does increase the value of the product very rapidly which do help the manufacturer to reach maximum profits just by adding the ISI mark on the product. ISI mark is a huge trademark which is pretty synonymous with all the quality products.

As per government notification, many products are mandatorily required to have BIS certification. BIS also operates foreign manufacturers certification scheme under which the overseas manufacturer can also be granted a license to use the BIS standard mark for their product which eventually increases the value of the product. At the very present over 350 licensees have been granted for over 50 Indian standards in approximately 40 different countries. This certification you can get by best BIS certification Service in india.

The certification as done on huge level and always win one of the most read and important certification for any kind of product although the certification is done on you deliver and always been one of the most and important certifications for any kind of dog it is compulsory for some of the products which may cause danger to the societies environment and public health.

All the necessary steps are taken under the keen observation of the official member of the scheme so there is literally no chances of any time now of malpractice in this process which is genuinely best for our society.

Is BIS certification Compulsory?

As it is previously discussed that this scheme, however, is not necessary or compulsory for every manufacturer but still it does have some exceptions some of the products aa apparently produced in such a way which can harm the environment or public health sometimes the product itself is harmful to the environment thus this certification is mandatory for or some of the products produced by different manufacturer all around the country.