That parping sound you just heard is Mark Zuckerberg paying attention

Facebook will face a class-action lawsuit with a payout potential of $35bn over how its photo tagging and facial recognition software works.

A US appeal court ruled yesterday that the antisocial network's attempts to bat away the sueball should fall accordingly, opening up Mark Zuckerberg's company to potentially billions of dollars in damages payouts.

Originally filed in Illinois, the class-action case alleged Facebook ignored a local privacy law in the state when it rolled out its facial recognition technology.

The Zuckerborg's lawyers tried to argue that the local federal court had cocked up by letting the sueball roll on instead of throwing it out.

"Because a violation of the Illinois statute injures an individual's right to privacy, we reject Facebook's claim that the plaintiffs have failed to allege a concrete injury-in-fact for purposes of Article III standing.

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