Mozilla Firefox is considered to be one of the best and most reliable web browsers with a huge customer base. It is well-known for providing some extremely excellent features to its users. But as nothing can be absolutely perfect, the browser consists of some flaws too. Many users are encountering problems with Firefox in Windows 10 operating system. One of the most common issues is Firefox getting crashed with any search in Gmail, which does not allow you to move further with your tasks. This problem could be even more tricky if you use Mozilla Firefox as your default browser. However, the issue is quite common, and you can fix it easily by following some troubleshooting steps mentioned below. You can also get in touch with mozilla firefox customer service number where you will be able to speak to experts and ask them to assist you extensively.

Steps to fix the issue of Mozilla Firefox crashes with any search in Gmail:

  • Method 1: Delete history, caches, and cookies: When you work with the browser for a while, it builds up a lot of cookies, or download history, which may be responsible for the slow functioning and freezing of the process. Follow the steps given below:
  • Go to the menu option of Firefox browser and then click on downloads
  • Click the ‘clear list’ to clear the download history
  • It can freeze if the folder in which Firefox is attempting to save the file is not accessible
  • To avoid this, you should reset the browser preferences
  • Method 2: Use Firefox in safe mode: You should run Firefox in safe mode if the problem occurs. Try following the given steps:
  • Go to the Start menu of your computer and then go to programs
  • Out of the list of available options, choose Mozilla Firefox and then tap on ‘safe mode.’
  • If you are facing freezing issues, it might be because of any harmful add-ons or extensions
  • Disable all the add-ons from the tool menu
  • Uninstall any corrupted toolbar or extension as soon as possible
  • Method 3: Update Adobe Flash version: An outdated version of Adobe Flash player can also lead to the freezing of the browser. So, you must check whether you have an updated version of Adobe Flash.
  • Method 4: Other methods:
  • If the issue persists, try using ShellExView and then check the shell extensions. You need to disable extensions which create problems for you.
  • You should also remove third-party antivirus programs which are interrupting the browser

If the issue is still not resolved, you can try connecting with the experts at mozilla firefox customer care to get help from them regarding the issue. The experts provide you with the most prominent solution in no time at all.

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