Basketball may have come from humble beginnings -- legend has it the first match in 1891 used peach baskets for goals -- but it's come a long way and continues to evolve.

First, instead of dividing the 12 participating teams up into two groups of six, as has been done in the past, they'll be divided into three groups of four and compete in a round-robin format with only the top two teams from each group advancing.

Second, for the first time ever, the summer Olympics will feature a three-on-three competition (or 3x3 as the Olympics is calling it), bringing the speed and excitement of street ball to the sporting world's biggest stage.

5-on-5 basketball at the 2020 Summer Olympics

Five-on-five basketball is what you're used to watching on TV.

Baskets made from the free-throw line following a foul are worth one point.

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