Some of them are easy to immediately pick up on, while others might take some poking around to find.

The main CarPlay screen hasn't changed much; it's still loaded with the same apps you've come to enjoy using behind the wheel.

The new "dashboard" displays several things at once, including Maps, music and smart suggestions, which can include pertinent calendar events or your garage, if it's equipped with HomeKit-based tech.

This is great for multitaskers, since it'll reduce distraction by minimizing the amount of screen-switching needed.

When you speak a message to Siri, the messaging app now has little icons for each function, whether it's replaying your message or sending it.

Instead of occupying the whole screen, the voice assistant's little waveform now overlays whatever screen is already active, so you can still take a look at whatever page you're on while Siri is processing your request.

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