Sure that everyone loves to see something new. Then why not the website? A simple redesigning of your website can increase the traffic and becomes the gateway to achieve higher ranking in online search results making users get connected with you and your brand.

For the priorities and the plans for 2019 of the most happening social media – Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook said ““We’ve fundamentally changed how we run our company to focus on the biggest social issues, and we’re investing more to build new and inspiring ways for people to connect.”

Before digging deep inside, a quick question as to why website redesigning is important?? Let’s explore…

1. First Impression Is The Best Impression

The very first impression can give a fair idea of what the website is all about and is it worth spending time here in this website. Here come the attractiveness and the updated version of website which can actually play a vital role to hang fire the users from the online competitors.

2. The Brand

It’s always important to pamper the website with new version to keep up the spirits of your brand. As the brand is big, so do the expectation of the website is high.

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Looks like a familiar term?? Every website wants its own great online presence and be most searched. SEO helps quality leads to the website, makes stand out of the crowded other websites, and enhances the brand recognition.

4. Customer Service

People are smart!! The design that is projected throws them some light as to how the customer service could be. The level of effort taken in building up great website design can pull the audience to think about the service that the brand is going to offer. If the website is welcoming, so does it invites the customers too. Now that, it is self explanatory as to how do it work if the website is not appealing. The website can be called a little “customer service representative” or the “receptionist” of the brand.

5. Trust And Consistency

Trust builds upon connection and interaction with customers. A professional redesigned website can make them more confident and comfortable to accept the brand. As they remain longer on the website, more created opportunities for the business to grab those leads.

Important Elements Of Website Designing

Now that you know the web design importance, it’s time to start looking at elements that make a quality design. Let’s see what!

1. Attractive Visuals

Have you ever thought of watching a movie and reading the same story in a book?? What feels more understandable?? Sure, majority of the people say it’s a movie!! Because visuals can be more brain-catchy to get registered in a jiff, for a better imagination and experience. And a simple reason, it is a busy world and need quick grasp.

2. Easy Nagivation

Always an easy route is chosen to reach the destination. Then why not a website too?? When the users want some information fast and to stay in the website, navigation is very important. Just understand the world is little impatient if the navigation and its content is improper.
The navigation should be self explanatory – include broad and bold headings that enroute various subtopics with clear titles.

3. The Style

Think of the target audience, their age group and the type of brand. Decide the colour, format, typography and for every page on the website. This ensures that whenever someone adds an element it remains consistent with other pages and helps the website to be harmonious as a whole. This builds cohesiveness and builds brand recognition.

4. Information

People look up for the information they are searching for. It is always important to provide quality information without any deviation. A good content enhances to make the customers tag themselves to the websites and might even become a popular mouth spread of the website.

5. Page Speed

It might be an awesome website design, but when the page speed is high, so the audience can access information fast. The page speed can be checked using Google PageSpeed Insights and the improvements can be made as required.

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