Russia's Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research under the National Technology Initiative based on MIPT and Huawei agreed to cooperate.

As a first step, Huawei has already translated into Chinese the Artificial Intelligence report (Almanac), released by the Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research in June.

Based on this report, Chinese experts will better learn about the leaders of the Russian AI industry and will be able to find new partnerships.

The first Almanac provides an overview of the current state of the AI industry in Russia and worldwide, including core technologies and applications, key companies, universities, and people -- both researchers and opinion leaders.

"The lack of high-quality information leads to potential errors in management decisions," says Igor Pivovarov, Chief analyst of the Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research.

We are confident that this will contribute to the growth of the market and the adoption of the right management decisions at all levels".

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