Agriculture may be a major business and therefore the foundation of the economy. In 2016, the calculable worth additional by the agriculture business was calculable at but one percent people GDP. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that agriculture contributes regarding $ 330 billion annually to the economy. Factors like global climate change, increase and food security considerations have pushed the business to hunt a lot of innovative approaches to safeguard and improve crop yields. As a result, AI is bit by bit evolving as a part of the technology evolution of the business.

In this article we have a tendency to explore the applications of computer science to know current and rising trends for business leaders, and gift representative samples of common applications.

Artificial Intelligence within the Agricultural business - Insights Before:

Based on our analysis, the foremost common applications of AI in agriculture make up 3 main categories:

  • Agricultural robots: - corporation’s area unit developing autonomous robots to perform the required agricultural tasks, like harvest crops and fast quicker than human labor.
  • Crop and Soil observation: - corporation’s area unit developing laptop vision and deep learning algorithms to method knowledge compiled by drones and / or software-based technology to watch crop and soil health.
  • Predictive Analytics: - Machine learning models area unit being developed to find out and predict numerous environmental impacts on crop yields like global climate change.

Blue watercourse Technology - Weed management:

The ability to regulate weeds may be a high priority for farmers associate degreed an in progress challenge as weed killer resistance becomes a lot of common. Today, over 250 styles of weeds became proof against herbicides. per a quest study conducted by the Weed Science Society of America on the impact of uncontrolled weeds on corn and soybean crops, annual losses to farmers area unit calculable at $ forty three billion.

Companies’ area unit exploitation automation and artificial intelligence to assist farmers realize a lot of economical ways in which to safeguard their crops from weeds. Blue watercourse Technology has developed a golem known as ocean & Spray that affects laptop vision to watch and accurately spray weeds on cotton plants. Exactitude spraying will forestall weed killer resistance. The subsequent short video shows however the golem works in action.

Crop Analysis with AI Drone Interference:

The presence of drones in agriculture dates back to the 1980s for crop dust in Japan. The market for drones in agriculture is projected to reach 80 480 million by 2027. Today, companies are leveraging AI and aviation technology to monitor crop health.

Once the drone has completed its route, users can transfer the USB drive from the drone to the computer and upload the captured data to the cloud drive AI services uses algorithms to aggregate and analyze captured images and data to provide a detailed report on the health of the vineyard, particularly the condition of the vine. Since grapefruit leaves often address grape diseases (such as molds and bacteria), reading "health" of leaves is often a good proxy for understanding plant health and their fruits.

Artificial Intelligence in harvesting the crops:

Automation is additionally increasing in an effort to help address the challenges in the workforce. This trade forecasts a half-dozen decline in farm staff from 2014 to 2024.Harvesting with Artificial Intelligence has developed an automation to help strawberry farmers determine and pack their crops. Shortage of Workers Semiconductor diode has been reported to be responsible for countless bucks of income loss in key agricultural areas such as California and Arizona.

In Hillsborough County, the Everglade State area, represented by the "winter strawberry capital of the country", is usually planted most of the season between ten, 000 and 11,000 acres of strawberry area unit. Harvesting with Artificial Intelligence says its automation will harvest eight acres in a single day and replace over thirty human workers.

Pest and weed control:

Yesterday’s farmers were living in fear of windstorm and grasshopper - not anymore. Farmers are quickly adopting new high-tech ways of protecting plants from weeds and various pests in the outer space. Another alternative is to grow in greenhouses, which is also happening, but is being used outside of the most excellent agricultural technology.

We know that artificial intelligence has excelled in image processing - computers can now "see" the way we look. So by building mobile technologies with AI and computer vision, farmers can find and eliminate weeds, spraying the entire crop instead of the blanket. This will keep food clean and it will save enormous money. This is another example of truly new technologies that have a dramatic impact on yields and everything else.

Closing terms:

To encounter the problems facing the framers hope that AI SERVICES & SOLUTIONS should make their mark to uplift the position of FRAMERS