The world is facing enormous challenges, as outlined by the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We at the Founder Institute though firmly believe that entrepreneurs will drive the innovations leading to a more sustainable future - but the future of food and agriculture is a far from settled debate.

Currently, unsustainable agricultural practices range from increasing pesticide resistance contributing to overspraying of dangerous chemicals, to fertilizer nutrient run-off eutrophication polluting global aquatic ecosystems, and from a growing global appetite for high-carbon footprint meats, to the utterly inhumane treatment of animals through much of the industrial livestock industry - and while these issues of course vary in magnititue of intensity from location to location, they all need to be solved to an extent if we hope to build a more sustainable food system.

In conjunction with the FI Center of Exellence for Foodtech Helsinki Founder Institute's Fall 2019 program, we're proud to share this list of current top FI portfolio companies employing blockchain tech within their products.

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