The two-horse CPU race between AMD and Intel is more exciting than ever in 2019, with AMD’s high-powered Ryzen 3000 processors lighting a fire under Intel the likes we haven’t seen in years.

To combat AMD’s new hotness, Intel has two brand new CPU lines that it will flesh out over the next year: Ice Lake and Comet Lake.

However, given that they will be showing up in very different types of laptops, it’s an important to know the difference between the two.

With a focus on U and Y-series processors, Ice Lake chips will be predominantly low-cost, but we have seen a few higher-end processors which could command a higher price for systems they’re bundled into.

Intel isn’t slated to release a 10nm desktop processor until 2021 or even 2022, so we don’t expect to see Ice Lake on desktops anytime in the next year or so.

That means chips should be generally quite affordable, though there are some more impressive chips which could demand a premium.

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