The term “infotainment” was little more than a footnote in the automotive industry’s lexicon when Lexus released the first-generation RX for the 1999 model year.

20 years ago, no one knew what to make of the digital display placed near the top of the dashboard, right between the vertical air vents.

Some assumed it was merely another attempt at leap-frogging the competition with frivolous electronic features.

But another, more tech-savvy group knew the infotainment system’s time to shine had finally come.

Eight buttons arranged in a row below the screen let the front passengers select one of six pre-set stations, or scan the band to find one not saved.

However, the weirdest part about using the system in 2019 is that there are no pages, no sub-menus, and no icons; what you see on the display is what you get.

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