It's got plenty of fan service, packing in snippets from every previous film in the nanology (even the bad ones!).

It's got the late Carrie Fisher and yet another showdown between Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and Rey (Daisey Ridley).

Sure, you could pick apart individual screenshots from the trailer.

But rather than throw bones with C-3PO's red eyes or a gaggle of Imperial Star Destroyers, let's luxuriate in the footage's real star: that double-bladed, collapsible lightsaber!

It joins a proud lineage of non-standard energy swords, from Mace Windu's inexplicably purple blade to Kylo Ren's glowing crossguard action to Darth Maul's extremely dope double-sided model.

Rey's model seems at first like a more practical version of the latter; it offers at least the same reach, but can fold up into a sort of double-lightsaber, which presumably helps avoid scuffing up the floor with kyber crystal plasma.

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