The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is asking for the help of experts and the broader public to determine the impact AI will have on intellectual property and “whether new forms of intellectual property protection are needed.”

A call for public comment was published in the Federal Registrar by the USPTO today in search of answers about such issues as how AI is reshaping perceptions of inventions or whether additional information should be required to claim a deep learning system as an invention since they can have a large number of hidden layers and weights that evolve.

To help solicit responses, the notice in the federal registrar comes along with a series of questions such as “what is an AI invention and what does it contain?”

“What are the different ways that a natural person can contribute to conception of an AI invention and be eligible to be a named inventor?

For example: Designing the algorithm or weighing adaptations?

Structuring data in order to train a model?

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