Disney’s upcoming streaming service Disney+ will be home to a huge catalog of content, including all of Disney’s past movies, original shows, old Disney Channel content, and more.

The service won’t provide access to one particular type of content, however: movies that are rated ‘R’ like Deadpool.

Disney+ subscribers will get access to content rated at up to PG-13, leaving the more adult shows for other streaming platforms.

Disney has a certain reputation as a family-friendly company that produces content suitable for families.

Though some of Disney’s content — primarily what it offers through Marvel and Lucasfilm — isn’t appropriate for the youngest audiences, it generally tops out at mild language and violence.

In light of that, it’s no surprise that Disney will restrict its Disney+ streaming service to content rated ‘G’ through ‘PG-13.’ Confirmation of that was given to Epic Vespe, who released the news as part of a number of first-hand details about the Dinsey+ platform.

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