This is a new version of the original game, with a decidedly retro bent that pays homage to the experience for millions of players back in the 2006.

I mean, who wants to pay a $13 to $15 monthly fee just to play a more difficult version of a game that already has a bevy of expansion packs?

It spawned viral memes, was featured in TV shows, and eventually helped combat the denigrating stereotypes of " gamers."

It defined an entire genre of games, broke sales records, and became the gold standard for the countless of online games that emerged.

I first started playing WoW a year or two after it's original release and sunk countless hours leveling at least a dozen characters from different factions, classes, and races.

Unlike the more dedicated players, however, I never managed to clear all of its 40-player raids, or participate in world-assaults against a faction's capital.

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