Project Management and challenges go hand in hand. No matter what you do they are just inseparable and joint at the hips!

Pickup any project from your experience and you will find not a single project that did not have challenges written all over it. Right from the inception to closure all the way!

We are an advanced breed of technocrats, project management gurus and executive ninjas. Yet fail to prevent these challenges.

Why is it so?

Simple answer – “projects entail multiple moving parts and all of which aren’t under our control.”

Project Management is deployed to ensure

  • Achieving the end goal
  • Delivering on time
  • Deliverables meet the agreed quality
  • Expected business value is realized
  • All of the above is achieved within the allocated budget

Now how much of it have we been able to achieve? Any guesses on the success rates?

A Harvard Business Review (HBR) report states:


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