IndustryARC has recently published a new business intelligence report on holographic display market. The report states that the rising need for cost-effective holographic displays in military and army for training and evaluation will be the most prominent growth driver of this market. The ability of holograms to offer three-dimensional displays offers a better view of prevailing circumstances and conditions of any product or situation. This has helped in generating a large demand in the holographic display market according to the report. This market has immense potential and will advance with an outstanding CAGR of 29.7% during the forecast period 2018-2023. With this growth rate, the market will earn a revenue of $2,978.95m by 2023.

The report is titled ‘‘Holographic Display Market: By Technology (Reflection, Transmission, Hybrid, Electroholography); By Type (Laser, Semi-transparent, Micromagnetic Piston, Television Display, User Interfacing Touchable Display and Others); By End-User Industry (Medical, Art & Museum, Defense, Education, Engineering, Aerospace & Defence and Others); By Geography - Forecast (2018-2023).’’ The analyst of the report has explained in detail about the rising demand for holographic displays both for residential and commercial use including the market forces responsible for it. The report covers Holographic Display Market size by type and applications, Holographic Display Market share by top 5 companies and also the market share by start-ups during the forecast period.

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Holographic Display Market: Regional Analysis And Competitive Landscape

As per the analyst, ‘The holographic display market is set to expand from conventional research application segments to broader commercial segments like automotive, entertainment, construction, and so on, in the developed nations, whereas the developing nations are set to witness the introduction phase,’ Since the U.S. has been the pioneers in innovation and adoption of holograms country has exerted regional dominance in the global holographic display market. According to the report analysis, the Americas holographic display market collectively earned $351.2m in 2018 owing to the increasing use of wireless connectivity, growing technological investments, and an inclination towards three-dimensional displays.
Various companies have made a mark for themselves in the global holographic display market by investing resources in inventing holographic display devices for both commercial and industrial purposes. These key market players are HoloDisplasys, Inc., HP Inc., Mantis Vision Ltd., Musion Das Hologram Ltd., Ostendo Technologies Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Intel Corporation, Sony Corporation, Microvision, Inc., Realview Imaging Ltd., Eon Reality Inc., Holoxica Limited, Zebra Imaging Inc., Leia Inc., Avegant Corporation, Displair Inc., Realfiction, and Alphabet Inc.

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Holographic Display Market: Market Forces

• Automotive Industry
Leading companies in the automotive industry are innovating and generating a high demand for the global holographic displays market. Holographic technology is being used to create a free-floating screen that is attached next to the steering wheel. This holographic display can be used to project all controls of the vehicle such as air conditioning and entertainment.

• Medical Holography
Holographic display technology is being used in medical imaging by hospitals and clinics across the world to provide accurate diagnosis. Companies innovating in this digital trend have empowered doctors with hyper-realistic images.

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