Kerala is called God’s own country and there is not just one reason that justifies that. In fact, there are numerous reasons behind the heavenly state being the most gorgeous destination. So much so that God would want to live here!

Kerala is actually a true reflection of natural beauty in the form of lush green landscapes, deep forests, tea plantations, secluded beaches, spice gardens, national parks wildlife sanctuaries and a lot more.

Kerala is not crowded with the city buzz but with the places and people that offers peace and tranquillity. Imagine the fairytale and see it come true in this dreamland.

Fancy yourself relaxing on a canoe that is rowing through a tranquil lake with mounting palm trees on both sides and drizzle tickling you. This is the very Keralian essence that draws millions to come to this God’s own country, who want to immerse themselves in its diverse natural riches. This coastal state in South India is an extraordinary package of every gift of nature that you get in a single entity. Apart from its captivating greenery, and flourishing forests, Kerala is also known for its exotic beaches, waterfalls, verdurous valleys and mist- kissed mountains.

Kerala Backwaters

Much of Kerala’s eminence as one of the top ten must-see destinations of the world lies in its backwaters. Kerala Backwaters are a chain of salty lagoons and lakes settled parallel to the Arabian Sea coast (Malabar Coast) of the state. With the wholehearted blessings of nature or favourable geography, Kerala is full of amazing lands and waterscapes.

Explore places like Munnar, Alleppey and Wayanad that are abundant in natural beauty and you will no more doubt the fact that Kerala is truly heaven. The most important routine that you must follow while being in Kerala is to chill out in a fancy houseboat stay in Alleppey and then move to a homely cottage in a tea plantation in Munnar. Don’t miss out on a traditional and extremely relaxing ayurvedic spa that’s a speciality of the state.

Special Foods

Enjoy the delicious cuisine of Kerala like the spicy chicken curry with roti, appam and Puttu that can be relished with a side of lip-smacking beef fry. With the cool breezes blowing by,you will surely wish that the spice must be doubled.

Tranquil Beaches

Apart from backwaters, Kerala has lots more to offer. Visit Kovalam beach and Varkala Papanasam Beach near Trivandrum and you will realise that it is a different feeling altogether. Being a hub of nature, you wouldn’t be able to resist yourself from staying here a little longer than your tour package and that is why it is suggested you stick to the customized tour package.

Munnar is another heavenly place in Kerala, often remembered as the Kashmir of South India where you can capture some of the most excellent views of a pristine hill station.

Hub of Temples

You must have already thought of it that Kerala supposedly has the most amazing temples in the world. Apparently, the state claims to have some of the best architectural structures known to be temples and churches. It is highly recommended to visit the Mannarasala - Nagaraja Temple and Sabarimala, the two most sought after religious destinations in the state. Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple in Alapuzha and St Mary's Church in Kudamaloor are very notable destinations in Kerala.

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