Saree is a fine type of clothing that is worn by large number of Indian ladies. This attire looks good and glorifies the beauty of the fairer sex. Banarasi Sarees is one of the versions of a Silk Saree and originates from the holy city Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh). A lady donning this kind of woven garment is surely going to receive praises and will also become the center of attraction in any function or important event.

One is surely going to feel nice to buy banarasi sarees online, as several platforms are available into selling of the traditional woman’s attire. Let us see few of the reasons that are behind the creation of this beautiful garment:-

Weaver’s Magic:-

The intricate designs of gold, silver brocade or the Zari work will make any woman leap in the air of excitement. In a saree, the design, quality of the fabric, prints and another distinctive form of flowery designs narrate about the traditional story. This act like elements, highlighting not just weaver’s magic but tempt woman to purchase it too.

The ladies will also find a series of upright leaves that are popularly known as “Jhallar” The idiosyncratic designs on the Banarasi Saree also have detail work of gold, special effects of metals is present and overall close-knit weaving techniques used by the weaver.

Procedure of making a Banarasi Saree:-

For the preparing of an exquisite Banarasi Saree there is a union of three craftsmen working on a power-loom. In this one does the job of weaving the silk, other dyes or colours the fine thread, the last one collects the thread and then makes a roll of it.

At the nascent stage, the designs are first drawn on a graph paper. It is from here that impressions are taken and put on the respective punch cards. Later on, as the weaver is preparing the saree, through punch cards it will be used on threads.

Time-frame required in the preparing of the banarasi saree consumes from fifteen to six months. If the designs are complex, then it will take much longer. If the lady is thinking of buying banarasi sarees online then one can understand her love for the six yard of decorated cloth.

Now, let us also communicate about the different categorization of the Banarasi Saree –

These are - Jangla, Tanchoi, Tissue, Butidar, Cutwork, etc.

Jangla – In this one is going to majorly see the combination of colourful silk threads. This depicts nature and happiness of the festivities. The widely spread scrolling designs further adds to the overall visual appeal of the saree.

Tanchoi - In this the weaver makes use of extra-weft silk yarn for creating a perfect outline. On seeing, the person will see the designs in a maze form that will give the visual depiction of Kaleidoscopic too.

Tissue – The best part of the design of this category of saree is like a Zari blocade of Banarasi Saree will give the impression of a “Gold Cloth”.

Butidar – These are a dark bluish silk sarees and are brocaded with pure silk, silver and not to forget gold more crispily. As there is a darker shade of Gold and a Lighter shade of Silver, this is also being referred to as Ganga and Jamuna too.

Cutwork – In this style of weaving banarsi saree, the weaver executes the work after the extraction of floated threads. A transparent plus a glowing or dazzling form of beautiful appearance is created too.

The richness of Banarasi Sarre is mentioned here and it is just a glimpse of the fine quality of craftsmanship of the weavers. No wonder the keen interest of the ladies to buy banarasi sarees online is so great. One of the reasons is that the price charged is quite less. This way it also becomes affordable for the ladies. One is going to add a glittering effect on wearing a banarasi saree on special occasions.