The inclinometer is an instrument used for measuring slope, elevation or any inclined object with respect to gravity's direction. It is also known as a slope meter or slope indicator which is used to measure the slope, tilt angle and gravity-related height, depression, etc. of an object. They are also known by different names, including gradiometers, tilt indicators, and slope gauges. A tilt meter can measure tilt in the aircraft. It is a highly sophisticated measurement device. It provides precise measures of inclination so that we can perform our task properly. If we talk about electronic inclinometer, it can reach the edges to the exact degree. This model is being used inside the Whirligig to find the time when gravity is attracted.

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A Slope Degree Inclinometer used to measure the direction edge of an item regarding the power of gravity. This is finished by methods for an accelerometer, which screens the impact of gravity on a little mass suspended in a flexible help structure. At the point when the gadget tilts, this mass will move marginally, causing a difference in capacitance between the mass and the supporting structure. There are many innovations that have been made in the sector of an inclinometer such as to incorporate electricity, gas, and pendulum structures. At the point when the gadget is worked, fluid mercury remains level, similarly as water in a glass remains level when the glass is tilted. Since mercury conducts power, contacts can recognize the gadget edge contrasted with the fluid dimension.

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Primarily inclinometer is used to measure small variations in the vertical surfaces. A Tilt Meter is the simplest instrument to measure angular slopes very easily. The readings provided by this device are very accurate and reliable. Such devices are used to measure small moments on the earth's surface. In industrial environments, we need accurate measurements of slopes and inclined planes. With the advancement in technology, we often saw a new development in every field.

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