There are millions of people all over Blood Sugar Premier Review the world who have eating disorders. There are many forms of eating disorders, and two of the most common are anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Both of these disorders actually start out as psychological conditions and over time, lead to a number of health conditions. When people suffer from these conditions, they often get to a point where they need to be hospitalized in order to gain weight. If they do not gain enough, they face severe health issues and they can even die due to the lack of good nutrition.

This is a condition that usually begins with a person dieting to lose some weight. As they see weight being lost, they discover that this is something that they can control, and they continue with their weight loss long after they need to. This is a condition that is not as much about becoming thinner, but about control. Treatment must not only include dieting to gain weight, but there must be psychological treatment, too. Many people with anorexia nervosa follow diets that are extremely low in calories, take laxatives, and use enemas to make sure that they are not going to gain any weight. Anorexia nervosa patients can die if their condition is not treated properly. This is a condition that is most often seen in young females, but there are also many males who are affected, too.

This is another eating disorder that is more psychological than physical. Those with this condition are known to binge eat, and then purge what they have eaten, so they do not have any traces of it left in their bodies. A lot of the time, people who have become tired of going on diets that do not work resort to binging and purging, which not only is not a good way to lose weight, it is extremely dangerous. Patients with bulimia are encouraged to gain weight and often, must be hospitalized in order to do so, because their diets and eating habits need to be monitored.

These are just two of the eating disorders that cause people to need to change their diets in order to gain weight. But there are also reasons why people want to gain weight. Many people who have been hospitalized or treated for certain medical conditions may need to go on special diets in order to gain weight they may have lost during the course of their treatment. Often, protein supplements are used for diets that are meant for weight gain, especially in the case of certain medical conditions where a person may need a restricted diet but also needs to have the additional calories and protein.