Rules And How To Play Sic Bo

To play Sic Bo, it needs to have 3 dice to run the game which was deriving from China and well-known for distinct appellations such as Tai Sai, big and small, Dai Siu, and Hi-Lo. . Let’s find out more about the game rules and how to play the game in this post. Visit our Page for further more information about Sic Bo and other interesting games updated daily .

What Do You Need To Know About Sic Bo

Sic Bo, deriving from China, is well-known for distinct appellations such as Tai Sai, big and small, Dai Siu, and Hi-Lo. To play the game, it needs to have 3 dice to run. People also wonder about how long this game has existed. As estimated, Sic Bo appeared just before people created paper. That’s why there was no existence of playing cards like the modern version as we can play now. Rather, there was another alternative idea from the Chinese: using tiles or engraved stones to begin the game.

The Major Target

The bettors will put their bets on the game table. The major target is guessing precisely the result after the 3 dice are rolled. Winning or losing would depend on the total of the points and combinations. Participants have the right to place as many as bets they desire at the same moment as long as they obey the valid edge during the game.

How To Play Sic Bo

Sic Bo works in the same way as a 3-dice-casino game. The goal of players is figuring out the coming result that occurs simultaneously with a potential number to get the best outcome and victory. Each Sic Bo bet is taken from the guess on the dice combination after the dealer rolls the dice.

The fact that it is not really tough to keep in mind the Sic Bo gameplay. So as to become a champion, the bettors must guess precisely the combination which next comes up on the dice after being jiggled inside the bowl. The regulations of the game are not strenuous to master. Everything starts with the target as choosing the precise combination of the rolled number, then the remaining steps are simple.

First of all, place your wagers by selecting suitable chips in the appropriate area of the layout table. Correspond to the wager you desire to place, make your decision precisely based on your feeling and prognostication. Keep in mind that you are able to place several wagers in one time. The number of wagers is up to your decision and strategies.

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Necessary Things To Know About Sic Bo Board

At the first sign, the Sic Bo board may confuse the players. Vice versa, the regulations are not really complicated like they used to think.

There are 3 dice shaken inside the basket or a bowl whose cover is a porcelain plate and rolled by the dealer. Players will make their decision in every roll. For instance, the total of the points mostly depends on the outcome appeared on the surface of the dice, or any pair of numbers or combinations.

Sic Bo Betting Types

About Total

This is the most well-known type of all the available kinds on the Sic Bo board. The total type works on making a bet on the grand total of three dice.

The betting range will be valid from 4 to 17 ( Triple 1 and Triple 6 will involve 3 and 18) .

Up to the possibility of the outcoming numbers, the payouts will have some distinctions. They will be released on the betting squares.

Take an example, the total of 4 wagers goes from 60 to 1 ( It means the participants will get 60 units for each of the bets staked ) for the moment when the total of 10 or 11will get from 6 to 1 ( It means the participants will get 6 units for each of bet staked )

About Small And Big

The small wagers are calculated by the grand total of trio dice. The small bet is increased from 4 to 10. The Big bet is increased from 11 to 17.

Big and Small offers the payout from 1 to 1. According to this payout, This type of bet is an evens wager. there is a considerable notice for players to keep in mind that in case any triple pop up, the wager of Big and Small will make you lose everything. This is also the main cause of why the grand total of 3 and 19 are not included in these bets. The regulations of this triple work in the same way as the “zero” in the game named Roulette.

About The Combination

This wager is released by making a wager on any pair of numbers coming up on the dice after the dealer rolls the dice. For instance, it is supposed that you would decide on the pair of numbers 2 and 3. Then you would not get winning unless the coming numbers are 2,3,4.

The combination betting offers the payout which goes down from 6 to 1 and it does not matter the amount or number you have chosen.

About The Single

The Single bet permits the participants to place their bets on a definite number popping on the dice after the dealer rolls the dice.

The payout will depend on the number of times that the points of numbers show up on the surface of the dice, then it will be recognized and confirmed.

Just in case the number you have selected pop on one of the surfaces of three dice, you will obtain 1 to 1 ( 1 unit for one unit stacked). If 2 numbers appear on the dice, you will obtain from 2 to 1 and under the other circumstances when all 3 numbers come up, you will receive 12 to 1 .

This type of payout is completely different from the Triple bet which pays back from 180 to 1 for any straightforward triple. Nevertheless, the more options it owns, the more stunning Sic Bo can be.

About The Double Bet

The double bet can be active only when 2 numbers among all pop on the three dice. It’s supposed that you place your choice to double 2 if the outcome result is 2,6,2. As a result, the wager could be multiplied by twice from 1 to 6. That will lead the payout to have the payout from 10 to 1. ( it means you will have the right to receive 10 units for 1 unit staked and be returned for 11 units). Having some distinctions from the Triple bet, there are not any selections to place your wager on double – you will take 1 only double obviously, even though you are able to take the number of double you desire.


The Triple bet is a wager that only appears when three dice release their particular numbers. That result will insist on the base of the dice they receive. You can make your wager on any definite triple from 1 to 6 .

The payout offered from the bookie for any triple reaches 30 to 1 (ie if you get victory with 30 units for each 1 unit staked), but the payout on the definite triple is big and from 180 to 1, then this payout surely becomes the biggest payout on the board. It is certain to call this is a bet for the Sic Bo with high roller!

About The Triple

The Triple bet works exactly in the same as the meaning of its name. This wager came from the betting on all three dice with a definite number. Every determinant triple from 1 to 6 can be chosen. Besides, you are able to place your wager on any indefinable triple.

About The Betting

The bottom row has 6 areas for betting on the layout of the table. The betting single numbers are these 6 areas on the layout. If the next outcome is one of your selections you decided ( from 1-6), you will receive the payout at 1 to 1. If you acquire 2 numbers, the ratio will come from 2 down to 1 and if the number among which you receive is 3 numbers, you will get 3-1.

As a result, in case the decision you made on the number 3 and your wager costs $5.00 and you are lucky with 3 correct numbers. The money for your luck would be $10.00.

The betting is made on the result in making the wager on the combination of 2 numbers after the dealer rolls the dice. It is supposed that you will put your money on 2 numbers of 6 and 4 then the outcome next is 4,6,7, so the edge for this bet will be at 6:1 odds. This method can just be effective if you get both of 2 numbers. The grand total of making a bet on three numbers are composed of the sum of points popping on the dice. Based on the sum of the outcome value, the edge will be flexible. Unless you receive the number of 3 or 18, you are safe. The payouts go as the following :4 or 17 then 50 to 1;5 or 16 then 25 to 1;6 or 15 then 15 to 1;7 or 14 then 10 to 1;8 or 13 then 6 to 1;9 or 12 then 5 to 1;10 or 11 then 5 to 1.

You can put your money on the probability of the popping of the value coming from 4 to 10 or 11 to 17. The payout given for this wager is at 1:1. If you are playing with the triple bet, every wagers even if small or big will die.