The supermarket tried to embrace the future and got dragged back down thanks to a bunch of technologically-challenged cretins.

That's not the exact quote, because no PR person in their right mind would cop up to that.

But essentially that's what has happened, and now the shop in London that ditched its tills earlier this year in favour of having customers use its SmartShop Scan, Pay & Go app instead, is going back to the dark ages.

The process should have been fairly simple; you head inside, grab and scan what you want, then use the QR code to leave the store so you can't play silly buggers and try to do a runner with anything.

And just in case anything went wrong, you can find a help desk manned by an honest-to-goodness human being.

But according to Sainsbury's blog post, the basic concept was missed by a lot of people who ended up queuing at the help desk to pay by cash or card.

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