Can't get enough of images that purportedly show Google's Pixel 4 XL phone?

We've already seen a cache of such shots, as well as a video, and now there's more.

Vietnam-based phone shop D Store Mobile has leaked twenty or so pictures of a white "test model" of the Pixel 4 XL, according to a report.

The photos don't reveal anything really new, notes The Verge, which published the shots, but they do give us another glimpse, and The Verge's Jacob Kastrenakes does call out a couple of interesting tidbits.

The pics suggest that "the main rear camera will be getting a slightly faster aperture, moving to f/1.73 on the Pixel 4 from f/1.8 on the Pixel 3," he says.

And they also hint that the phone "will shoot in 16:9 by default so that photos can take up the entire camera screen, despite the sensor remaining 4:3."

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