What can we say about knee pain treatment Nerve Shield Plus Review Some treatment involves surgery and others involve taking prescription medication but all done in the name of pain relief. The problem is when we treat symptoms and not the cause of the symptom what are we really accomplishing. The sad part is that our medical system is geared towards treating symptoms instead of finding cures. When trying to find an effective knee pain treatment, it can be difficult if you are trying to get to the root of the pain because it is not always understood.

So what are some effective knee pain treatments You can either take the traditional route such as prescription medication, physical therapy, or surgery or non-traditional route like acupuncture, natural supplements, or homeopathic.

When choosing a traditional route for pain relief such as prescription medications make sure you research the side effects. For instance narcotics like Vicodin, Loratabs, and Percocet are addictive. The more you take the narcotic the more you will need it long term and your tolerance level for the narcotic becomes higher. If you use non narcotics, the side effects can be stomach ulceration, headaches, rash, or ringing in the ears with ibuprofen and nausea, bruising, liver damage, or abdominal pain with acetaminophen.

If you decide on physical therapy, be sure to find a therapist who specializes in knee pain or knee injury. The risk with this is over extending or over exertion of the knee that could cause further injury down the road. However, a good therapist knows how far to go in treating knee pain. Also knee replacement surgery is another option but of course the risk that is inherit with any surgery is there like infections, paralysis and even death.