“Customers are likely to see messages being deferred by the Mimecast MTA’

Mimecast, a company that specialises in email continuity and resilience, said today it is suffering a service outage – and initially proceeded to point those affected to an updates page that was also unavailable.

The company, which claims to have 296 billion emails under management, said at 16:30 BST: “Mimecast can confirm that we are investigating a service disruption that may result in messages being deferred by our MTAs for US-hosted customers.

It added: “Additionally, customers may intermittently not be able to access Mimecast applications or links protected by our Web Security or TTP services.

We are continuing to investigate and will post further updates here.”

The company drew immediate flak from users on social media after posting its initial status update to its Mimecaster Central Community – which was also down.

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