Updated After being hounded out of parts of Australia's capital Canberra earlier this year, Google-parent Alphabet has declared its Wing division will start hassling innocent Americans as well as Aussies with drone parcel deliveries.

This comes after tormented Australians ran Wing out of Bonython, a suburb of Canberra, in March following a 12-month trial along similar lines.

Locals even formed a pressure group to try to halt the Google stablemate's drones, complaining about high noise levels – with the internet giant ignoring their feedback.

For the Virginia trial, the drones will be based locally and fly at heights of between 100 and 200 feet, we are informed, dropping off parcels by entering the hover at 23 feet and lowering the package "with a tether to a backyard or doorstep".

Max payload is given as "2 to 3 pounds", or somewhere between 900g and 1.3kg, and the drones fly at around 95kph-112kph (60 to 70mph) with a stated range of 9.6km (six miles).

Wing's unnavigable website, evidently designed by somebody with far too many graphic design tools, explains the idea is to deliver items within minutes of an order.

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