TLDR: Maya is the tool to know in 3D modeling, and you can learn how to make your own Maya creations with this $30 training.

Two decades ago, Maya was a groundbreaking 3D modeling technology co-developed by Disney during the production of their 2000 hit “Dinosaur.” Today, it remains one of the cutting-edge tools for digital artists working not only in movies and animation, but game development and even architecture.

Now, you can start producing professional quality 3D graphics and effects with the training in The Mighty Maya Design Mastery Bundle.

The package is hundreds off its regular price today, just $29.99 with this TNW Deals sale.

If you’ve never touched 3D software before — or even if you’re a veteran Maya user, this comprehensive package including 16 courses and almost 100 hours of video tutorials will walk you through everything from basic projects to Maya’s most advanced functions.

Easy-to-follow guides help users understand how to assemble detailed 3D structures, including everything from interior floor maps to fully immersive 3D characters and environments.

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