While hyperthyroidism can cause significant weight loss and make gaining weight troublesome because of the high metabolism caused by hyperthyroidism, how much or how little that you weight won't cause the disease. Adding extra calories to your diet with protein rich foods will however help you keep your weight from dropping to low. Using a hyperthyroid diet will not reverse or help manage this condition alone. If you do have hyperthyroidism you will need other treatments like hormone therapy to help control it. Hyperthyroidism can be a serious condition.

It is caused by an under production of the appropriate thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland. About 1 in 3 Americans suffer from hyperthyroidism today and while there is no magic pill, maintaining a healthy, thyroid specific diet can go a long way toward alleviating the condition naturally and gently. Most medical professionals and diet experts agree that using a Complete Thyroid Review hyperthyroidism diet, along with the appropriate thyroid hormone replacement therapy can increase thyroid production to near normal levels. Some experts also believe that certain died programs, programs that limit the amount of carbohydrates taken into the body, like the South Beach Diet, can also help limit these problems.

There are a number of other methods, combined with sticking to or avoiding the above foods, which you can take to increase the functioning of your thyroid. Instead of eating 3 big meals each day, cut down the amount of food in each meal and increase the number of food breaks. Keeping each meal to at or slightly below 300 calories with slow you metabolism and allow your thyroid to work more efficiently. Avoiding too much salt can prevent water retention and bloating. If you are taking any type of thyroid replacement drugs avoid using any calcium supplements or multivitamins that have calcium for several hours, at least, before or after using thyroid replacement medicine.

The insufficient production of Thyroxine in mammals can lead to Cretinism, a form of growth retardation where the sufferer severely lacks in both physical and mental development. There are multiple manifestations of Hypothyroidism and roughly three percent of the population is affected by this disorder. It arises for a variety of reasons, and its effects alter according to the organ responsible. Primary Hypothyroidism is a result of a disorder within the thyroid gland itself, and is associated with a variety of conditions, including Hashimoto's thyroiditis.