What is Industrial Automation?

Industrial automation is all about the use of the control systems like robots, computers and information technology for the purpose of handling different types of machineries and processes in an industry which can replace the need for manpower. In short, it is step towards discarding mechanization and embracing industrialization.

It Increases Flexibility and Quality in the Manufacturing Process:

There was a time when the sole purpose of automation was to enhance the productivity alone. Since the automated systems can work all through the clock. This reduces the cost associated with the human operators like the advantages and benefits. But, today the focus of automation is shifted towards enhancing the quality and flexibility of the manufacturing processes.

Industrial automation companies are gaining an upper edge. For instance, in the automobile industry, the installation of pistons to the engines used to be performed manually having an error rate of 1-1.5%. At present, the task is performed using the automated machinery that has an error rate of 0.00001%.

Benefits of the Industrial Automation:

Reduced Operating Costs:

With the help of industrial automation, the costs of healthcare, holidays, paid leaves etc. can be done away with. Moreover, industrial automation does not require any sort employee benefits like pension cover, bonuses and more. Above all, it is only the initial costs that the companies’ owners have to bear other costs like the monthly wages, bonuses etc. can be eliminated altogether. If the machineries fail, the cost to be bore is the cost of the maintenance engineers only.

High Production Output:

Though there are companies that hire hundreds of production workers for up to three shifts to run the plant successfully for a number of hours, the plant still need to be closed on the weekends resulting in the loss of production. Plant still need to be closed for the maintenance for the holidays with the help of industrial automation the productivity of company can be improved significantly.

Better Quality is Assured:

With the help of automation, the errors associated with human beings can be done away with. Moreover, unlike the human beings robots do not get fatigued that result in the production of quality constantly resulting in profits.

Higher Flexibility Levels:

When a new task is added in the assembly line it requires training with human operators. But, the robots can be programmed for performing any sort of task. This makes the manufacturing process much more flexible.

High Information About Accuracy:

Adding the automated data collection enables the users to collect all the key production information, it results in getting you accurate date and reduces the costs of data collection. This enables you with the facts that can help you make just the right type of decisions whenever it comes to reducing the waste and improving the production.

One of the most commonly used automated devices in homes and commercial units is Generator AVR or Automatic Voltage Regulator. With the help of the electronic device varying load and operating temperature can be handled automatically.