On-demand services are extremely popular these days, aided by the proliferation of high-speed wireless internet services and mobile devices that let people perform myriads of tasks. Along with on-demand movies, food delivery- on-demand ride-sharing services have become also popular. It is not only about 4 wheelers and cabs- e-scooters are also in demand. As people and the governments look for eco-friendly and faster transport options, escooter app development has become much sought after.

The landscape of e scooter app development – a fast emerging sector

Even a few years back, e scooter services were not much in vogue. However, things changed drastically after Bird making a successful debut in early 2017. Other contenders jumped onto the bandwagon- with an aim to cash in on the growing trend. The idea of using e-scooters to commute from one point to another in urban areas has proved to be successful among the target users.

The bird was followed by Uber and a number of new contenders and each of them succeeded in capturing a chunk of the market they ventured in. The users took note of the simplicity, eco-friendliness and low cost of usage and the popularity rose to big heights. Escooter sharing apps are very popular now.

Why escooter app development is hit among Entrepreneurs?

As a matter of fact, it is not only the end-users who are enthusiastic about e scooters. The new generation entrepreneurs are also equally upbeat about getting into escooter sharing apps development. There are solid reasons behind this interest -

  • Faster ROI- Compared to other sectors, the investors are spending money in e-scooter services that can recover their money faster. This can attract new and first-time investors too.

  • High demand- While the sector is new and still emerging, the high demand has assured the wannabe investor about the growth prospect. The escooter concept has clicked very well with the urban users who are always juggling for time.

  • Still to be explored- The sector is still nascent and a lot more can be offered, apart from pick and drop facility. It can be used to promote service and products too.

  • Not enough rivals- Despite the huge success story of escooter apps, there is enough space for new entrants in the sector. Only a few players are operating-as of now. So, new contenders can jump in without worrying much about getting enough market share and difficulty in making profits.

There are many other reasons that are aiding the growth of interest in the e-scooter sector. These include eco-friendly nature, low maintenance costs, etc. Those investors keen on taking up ventures that promote environment preservation- can think of it as a viable option.

Approximate cost of escooter app development

The mobile app development cost for scooters can vary from one brand to another, or entrepreneur-for that matter. However, a rough estimate can be calculated. It can be anything between USD 60,000 to USD 80,000 – to develop an escooter app. A number of factors have to be analyzed before the final cost can be calculated for such a project.

Top features that should be there in an escooter app

  • QR code- An escooter app can’t be imagined without this feature. The QR code imprinted on the escooter is scanned by the app of the user to begin the ride. This is a handy and time-saving feature.

  • Ride history- Much like online food delivery apps, escooter apps should have a ride history section which lets the users check the distance covered by them and the number of rides taken.

  • Real-Time Tracking - This feature is necessary so that the users can detect the location of the escooter in the parking lot. This helps them save time and reach their destination faster.

  • In-app payment- The app should let the users pay from its UI and this makes things very handy for the users. There should be multiple payment options including the digital wallets which are very popular these days. Not all users will prefer using the same mode of payment as it is.

  • Push notification- Again this is much like the feature forum in the top food delivery apps. These notifications let the users learn about service updates and occasional offers and promotions. The majority of mobile users like push notifications.

  • User feedback- There should be a chat or message-based option for submitting user feedback in these apps. This way the company can find ways to improve the service quality or learn about loopholes that exist. Even deploying a chatbot can be of use in this regard.

  • Smart and fast login- The app should have smart log in option. This will enable the users to log in using their social media accounts or Gmail accounts. Phone number based logins can also be there in the app. This is what the busy users will prefer as they hate typing in or remembering passwords for accessing the on-demand services.

Ways to choose the right company for escooter app development

The ways to choose the right escooter app development company is not very different from finding a mobile app developer -

  • The tenure- The majority of companies developing e scooter mobile apps may not be very old-time players. The segment itself is new and so you can also find rank newcomers getting into it as well as established developers making a foray into the segment.

  • Work samples- It is necessary to check out the escooter apps already developed by the company. It needs to be seen that sample aligns with your app requirements.

  • Reviews- You can check the reviews of the escooter apps developed by a company in Google Play and other app stores. You may also use social media circles to check the feedback of the users.

Apart from checking the factors out, it is necessary to have a clear cut discussing with the developer agency before you finalize the deal. You need to resolve any query in your mind regarding the subject.