Here, we get to see, when the Maker, (B) a manufacturer of a very, very small, the boxer engine of the solenoids of the four-cylinders.

< A solenoid (from the Greek sun, and the éidos, appearance, form) is a kind of solenoid.

the Coil has a generally a circular cross-section, and is skruvformigt wrapped with an ledningstråd around a core of, for example, a tube made of glass, plastic, or other insulating material.

In the field of physics seeks designation as solenoid on a coil whose length is much greater than its diameter, and is used in order to achieve the strength and homogeneous magnetic field.If magnetspolen move to a magnetiserbart the object along its axis, affected the subject-matter of the power, which can be considered to be constant in a given area, the length of which is determined by the length/diameter ratio.

An electric current through the solenoid giving up.

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