I was recently going through a website which runs auctions for different art pieces. I went through the music section, which was auctioning musical instruments or music related artefacts. The website was selling a custom made Metallica poster for $750(53,000 INR). A custom made poster by Metallica, signed by all the members of the band! It was selling for less than a old and battered baseball. And of course, much less than the painting which was sold at Christie’s auction, $88.8 million (600 crore INR) for Robert Rauschenberg ’s eight-foot silkscreen painting, Buffalo II. You must be wondering what was in this painting that it surpassed the cost of a custom made poster of METALLICA! Just check out the painting and then you be the judge.


Well, the painting is beautiful, but can someone please tell me why it is titled “Buffalo”?

The big question is why music doesn’t have the same monetary value as fine art. The music which gets you going every day, the music which adds flavour to your bland life. The music which you download from flvto converter and listen on a loop. I don’t know why, but just looking at a painting doesn’t cure my mood, how much ever beautiful it is.

Musicians nowadays consider themselves as entertainers. What they need to know is that they are composers, people who create art, with equipment which is much more expensive than paint and paint brushes, and with as much effort as is required for making a painting.

Here are some ways in which a musician can treat his music as an asset and not as a mere tool for entertainment:

  • Organise events which put on display rare musical artefacts, like a rare record, LP, bootleg etc.
  • Create a musical or tune gallery, a place where music companies can sample young talents, and exclusive records are made available at special booths, records which are not available anywhere, not even on your favourite YouTube. This will increase the monetary value of the record tremendously, and the song can later be released by a known music company. This will also help emerging talents to find a stage to showcase their musical talents. You can download dong from y2mate converter and YouTubnow.
  • Musicians need a good PR team to increase the value of their musical asset. I think the vinyl records must be brought back. A vinyl record with name of the composer etched on it. Great idea right! (Yeah, because it’s not mine). The music industry must get back the vinyl record system. Collectors would definitely pay a really good price for those. This must be done long before the record is released and made available for free. ytb converter help you to download music.
  • Musicians must put their tune to auction, and set a fixed price first. 

There are many people who say that musicians can never be compared to artists and painters, their reasons being some crap like, “There are more musicians than there are artists”, “A painting is more difficult to make.” In my opinion, creating music requires as much effort as a painting, and music deserves as much attention and monetary value as a painting. You really hurt me when you tell that Metallica is selling for that les price. They were iconic, and deserve being iconic. All the music community needs to do is to stop considering themselves under the artists and painters. Rise and Fight! Ok sorry, don’t fight, just the first half.