This is a generation of video making and marketing. The field is gaining competition every day, with every person bringing innovative content of his own. Last year, individual Indian creators crossed 10 million subscribers on YouTube. These youtubers started off small, but have a really huge fan base in the country. Their success on the platform has inspired many to follow their footsteps. But, as I said, there is tremendous competition in the field. Only those who are able to attract audience with their videos are able to establish a career in video making.

Making a good and marketable video is not an easy task. It requires a lot of brain storming by the creator to make a masterpiece which attracts the audience.  Here are the 5 steps of creation of a video:

  1. Planning is the key: A video cannot just be made on any topic. You need to plan and decide on a topic which will get you a wide range of viewers. These could be sensitive topics, current events, or just vines or parody videos.
  2. Get the script ready: Video makers do not speak in an impromptu manner, even though it looks like they are speaking it all from the bottom of their hearts. Every video undergoes scripting first. Only appropriate things need to be spoken in a video and you can download video from ytbconverter, ones which are suitable for the topic. Do not divert a lot from the original topic. It will just confuse your viewers, leading to less views. You won’t want that now, right?
  3. Get the equipments ready: usually called as pre-production, this step can make or break a project. Having the right equipment, artists, lighting, also the budget, is decided in this project. This step ensures that the actual production goes on smoothly. The decided budget also decides the equipment, lighting, camera, sound, artists, and the place at which the video is to be shot. You can either include scenic beauty in the video, or just you and your studio (which can be your room if you are on a budget), depends on the content, or the script of your video. Include something which pleases the viewers. Also, if you are shooting in a public place, you might require permit to shoot. Apply for the permit before you begin rolling. Sound can be a tricky part of your video. You might need to take some test shots before shooting the actual video, to check in the sound is right. You can even rent sets, if you are planning to shoot indoors. For downloading video try ytb converter.
  4. Filming and editing: Once the pre-production is over, the filming might not be a very tricky part, unless you have a very bad luck with the weather (if you are shooting outdoors) or some of your equipment gets damaged. But let’s not just focus on the negative elements. The editing is the trickiest part of the job. Adding special effects, animations, or even the right background music is very tricky. The video should be shot multiple times and from different angles, to make it easier to stitch together. If the editing is good, the video will be good.
  5. Marketing: Distributing your video is not a problem if you are an individual creator, and release it through your own channel. But if not, you need to find a company which will release it for you, by taking a share of the profit. Marketing your video is a very good strategy, to find a platform to release the video and an audience to view it. Social Media Marketing is a strategy that can be followed to reach to the audience.

So here are the 5 steps to become a pro at making a video. Thank me when you cross 10 million, won’t you?\

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