Varanasi is the oldest and sacred city in the whole world situated at the bank of the holy river Ganga. Ganga puja in Varanasi is performed daily in the evening at the Dashashwamedha Ghat by a group of pandit for rituals in Varanasi. Through the Ganga puja Varanasi, a commitment is made with Lord Shiva, Surya, Agni, Maa Ganga along with the whole universe. Tirth Kshetra Purohit offers purohit services in Varanasi for doing this Ganga puja. On some occasions like festivals, a special type of Ganga puja is held in Varanasi.

In the evening time, Ganga puja in Varanasi plays a special attraction to the tourists. So, one should not miss it. It provides a great experience with the pandit for Ganga puja in Varanasi. This attractive Ganga puja makes every moment special and fills with great thoughts. The pandit for puja in Varanasi performs this puja by the brass lamps accompanied with Ganga mantra in the presence of heavy crowd.

All the purohit for Ganga puja while performing Ganga Puja wear the same type of cloth, dhoti, and kurta which is bind with a long towel strongly. You can see Telugu pandits in Varanasi also while performing Ganga puja. Before performing Ganga puja, they make preparation by making a collection of the five elevated planks. The plank is a multi-tiered oil lamp, also considered as an idol of the Mata Ganga, incense sticks, flowers, conch shell, a heavy and big brass lamp with a snake hood at the bank of river Ganga. You can also see a number of boats filled with come around the Ganga puja at the bank. They are very anxious to see the puja. This is the most important rituals among the rituals in Varanasi. Different rituals in Kashi like death anniversary rituals in Varanasi, Masikam in Varanasi, Ganga Puja is also one of the very important Varanasi rituals.

Timing of Ganga Puja:

Ganga puja in Varanasi takes place at nearly 6.45 PM in the evening after the sunset for near about 45 minutes at the Dashaswamedha Ghat in the sacred city Varanasi. A lot of devotees come to this beautiful city only to see the Ganga Puja in Varanasi.

A group of pandit for Ganga puja starts the Ganga aarti in a well-organized strategy by taking a lighting lamp in their hands and starting by chanting rhythmic Mantra. At 7.00 pm, an announcement held indicating the starting of the Ganga Puja. A piece of special music begins by the pandit for puja in Varanasi involves in the Aarti stood up to start the Ganga puja. With the chanting of the mesmerizing mantras, a large number of devotees make clapping. A number of purohits blown the conch shells in between the Ganga aarti very loudly and the Ganga puja continues with the incense sticks. After enchanting all the mantras, the purohit for Ganga puja do aarti with multi-tiered brass lamps having camphor or karpoor. This Ganga Puja ends with the final aarti and after the pooja the whole ambiance become silent.

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