Vimeo is in some hot water thanks to a class-action lawsuit that says the video streamer ran afoul of an Illinois law regulating the collection and storage of biometric information.

According to the filing, Vimeo “created, collected and stored, in conjunction with its cloud-based Magisto service, thousands of ‘face templates’ (or ‘face prints’).” The templates were described in the suit as highly detailed geometric maps of users’ faces that were created via facial recognition technology from photos and videos uploaded to the Magisto app.

Plenty of social media and photography apps use some form of facial recognition.

However, where Vimeo may have gone wrong is that it allegedly did not provide notice, obtain user consent, or publish a data storage policy.

That’s a potential violation of the Illinois Biometrics Information Privacy Act.

BIPA requires companies who collect biometric data to maintain a publicly available, written policy detailing how it retains and destroys biometric data.

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