Cabinets are one of the most essential things in every household and offices. Not only they are space saving, they literally level up the beauty of any space.

With all of the cabinet options available on the market, renovating your kitchen can be a difficult process. There are different types of cabinets – each for different parts of your house. And, most are designed to provide ample functional storage while beautifying your living space.

Cabinetry is fast becoming a creative household solution to the lifestyle dilemmas of today’s busy families. Most modern homes have pre-built cabinets. And, in majority of the cases, older houses too are upgrading to cabinets for storage and space.

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So, if you are planning on installing a new cabinet or getting an older one refinished, this article will guide you through everything.

Type of Kitchen Cabinets

A typical modular kitchen offers users with a fully-functional design and a set of pre-designed cabinets. These cabinets are designed in such a way that they can easily be set up to be assembled as well as disassembled with utmost ease whenever required.

And apart from offering excellent storage space in a space restricted kitchen area, the presence of a modern modular kitchen also makes the kitchen area appear highly appealing and adds a modern touch. The best modular kitchen designs are all about drawers and cabinets.

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Here is a list of the varying styles of modular kitchen cabinets that you can install in your home.

Base Cabinets

The cabinet area that you can see below the granite or countertop in any modular kitchen is the base cabinet area. These cabinets offer a large amount of storage space and are perfect for storing almost anything from big kitchen utensils to small cutlery items.

In addition to the storage functionality, the base cabinets also offer great support the slab region of the kitchen. These base cabinets are ideal to store any of your kitchen utensils and appliances.

Tall Cabinets

Tall cabinets are generally found in a modular kitchen setup that comes with a larger overall area. Tall kitchen cabinets are ideal for storing a plethora of kitchen items like pickle jars, cookie boxes, jam bars, groceries, ready to eat food items, and so more.

Experts at Phoenix cabinet refinishing suggest to consider installing the tall cabinets in your modern kitchen for maximizing storage space, if you have a spacious kitchen area in your home. These cabinets can be effortlessly used for storing extra and bulky items that you would use less often.

Overhead Cabinets

The main function of the overhead cabinets in any lifestyle kitchen setup is to offer the ease of accessibility to a myriad of kitchen essentials like spices, pulses, and so more while you are cooking.

Overhead cabinets are the ones that are placed on the kitchen wall directly above the countertop or granite slab. The placement of overhead cabinets or the wall cabinets is optional as per cabinet refinishing Phoenix.

Typically, interior upgrades such as new kitchen cabinets that offer a buyer modern convenience, ample storage, functional design, style, safety and low maintenance are likely to increase the value of your home and give you more return on your investment. If you have an old cabinet, you can check with Phoenix cabinet painter to get it repainted and refinished to new.

How to Start with a Cabinet Refinishing?

Refinishing projects take time, patience and forethought. By following these general guidelines, you can make the process more manageable and stress-free.

Prepare yourself.

Remodeling is not an easy process. There will be personal intrusions, noise, distractions and inconveniences, but they can be avoided if you plan in advance.

Determine your needs.

Sit down with pen and paper and try to define what it is you really want. Start an ideas folder, making lists of what you like and don’t like in your current room and look for possible ways to improve on them, using this website, product brochures, wood samples and ideas you’ve seen in magazines. Determine how the room is to be used and tie that into features you’d like to add.

Know your limits.

Have a solid budget in mind before getting started. This will help keep you on track as you begin visiting showrooms, exploring options and talking with contractors. You don’t want any surprises.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Make sure you completely understand what you’re getting before you buy anything or begin work. Keep the lines of communication open with your dealer/designer/contractor and let them know when you have any hesitations or misgivings. Once a contract has been signed, it’s much more difficult to slam on the brakes.

Be open to new ideas.

Your contractor and/or designer from Cabinet Painting Phoenix are the experts and may have solutions and options that you’ve never even thought of.

Plan to visit the dealer showroom more than once.

There will be several major decisions involved in the execution of your project. To make the most of everyone’s time, consider bringing a blueprint or drawing of the room to help dealers/designers grasp your particular situation and offer you the most viable options.

Make use of our convenient planning guides so that you can have this information in hand. Check your contractor’s references. Since everyone operates differently, it’s wise to let your contractor from Cabinet Refinishing Phoenix know up front what your expectations are so that they may live up to their end of the agreement.

Choosing a Good Cabinet Painting Service

When it comes to the kitchen, many homeowners feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to make big changes. After all, the installation of new cabinets and countertops can be an extremely taxing and time-consuming process – not to mention the obscene price tag attached.

At Phoenix Cabinet Painting, we’d love to let you know about an alternative. Professional cabinet painting is an affordable and efficient way to give your kitchen a brand-new “shine” without all the extra stress. To explore your options or request a complimentary estimate, contact Phoenix cabinet painter.