Music is important to us for many reasons, it is a part of our life and we listen to music online or sometimes download music. Music helps us to concentrate and is a great way to get relief from pain and stress.

• Here are some reasons as to why music is important to us
 It is a universal thing
Music is loved all over the world, it is a way of life and in some or other way it unites us. A great music no matter in which language is loved by all and they get a feeling of relief in it.
 Ambiance
Music makes the ambiance great, it adds to the spice and experience of life as whole. We listen to music daily (consciously and subconsciously) and an absence of music can really make us sad and bummed about life.
 Emotional help
Music is a great help to our moods. They help us in all situations, for example- if you are happy, a happy and fun music makes your day better, or if you are love-struck a love based song makes life magical for you and so on.
 Memory
It can help us to relive some of our oldest and happiest of the memory that we had forgotten in the race of life. It is a great way to get that brain churning for long lost memories or memories in general.
 Connection and imagination
Music helps us to feel connected; listening to music we can relate with the singer at our own level and imagine everything he is singing as scenery in our head. It helps us to increase brain power and fell needed and loved. You can download music from flvto converter.

• Why do we listen to music-
Music feels like the essence of life, we listen to music for many reasons like:
 Comfort
Music is like a warm blanket; in the moments when you feel the lowest it comforts you
and eases the pain that you feel. It is like they talk to you and understand you. It can
help to get over fear, loneliness, anger, crying etc. it is that one thing which will never
judge you, no matter what.
 Sleep
It helps you sleep like a baby. Trust me I have done it and it works. Music is like your
soul it comforts you and takes you to the dream land with ease.
 Stress
Music helps us in reducing stress that we feel due to pressures of different kind, may it
be emotional, mental, physical, for studies, sports etc. the problem of over thinking
causes a great deal of stress but music is always there and it can help in reducing the
 Mood
We listen to music to cheer us up when we are in a bad mood, sad, angry etc. we turn to music for help because it can calm us by increasing the release of a hormone called Dopamine.

• When do we listen to music?
We listen to music when we are:
1. Sad or Happy
2. Angry, Stressed or Anxious
3. While travelling
4. While working out(exercise)
5. Driving, shopping, or studying(low instrumental music is considered best for studying)
6. It is also used to treat people (suffering from either mental or physical problems) etc.
Music in a way is your friend and guide in difficult times. Listening to music can be considered as a background activity or a main activity, listening to online music is great but one can even download music as MP3 via different MP3 downloader.

There are different ways to download music as MP3, some of these are:
 YouTube
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 Videoder app
You can use the app to download your YouTube music or music in general. It is easy and efficient for use. It provides a great service to its audience.
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