Work Health and Safety Templates are specially designed to promote to on-site safety of workers. It assures the proper management and organization at the workplace. The OHS Manual Template is available for both small and medium-sized businesses. It is the well-structured template that consists of the vital information of the policy, WHS Information and other relevant information related to your work. It developed a sense of awareness of workers on-site safety policy made by the government.

What WHS manual template NSW Offers?

OHS manual template NSW is a complete solution for your on-site work. It let you maintain the work safety and provide benefits to all the works and make them aware of their rights. Here is the list of points that WHS manual template NSW includes:

  • Contractor Induction
  • Contractor Pre-Qualification
  • Noise Identification
  • Off-Site Induction
  • Personal Protective Equipment [PPE]
  • Plant Risk Assessment
  • Vehicle Safety Inspection
  • Ergonomics
  • Fatigue Management
  • First Aid
  • Induction/Orientation
  • Manual Handling / Manual Tasks
  • WHS Documents
  • WHS Pre-Purchase/Lease
  • Workers Compensation
  • Workplace Health and Safety Training Matrix
  • Workplace Induction
  • Workplace Inspection
  • Workplace Substances etc.

Being a responsible organization, it is your right to ensure maximum safety at the workplace. These well-structured documents will help you in meeting your goal of letting your workers be safe at the workplace.

Who must opt WHS manual template NSW Offers?

This template is available for all kinds of small and big businesses. So, there is no specification as to which it should use. You can use this template anytime at your workplace. When we commence a business, our mindset is just to serve the best service and generate maximum profit return. But there is one more another aspect that needs to take into consideration that is the safety of our workers, who are putting their best efforts to make the best out of them.

The government has set up many different policies for the organization who are owning workers and running a business. These policies are related to the safety of employees. Every business owner is entitled or supposed to follows this as it plays a vital role in the books of governments.


So, if you are indulged in such business then this is the high time to opt such templates and be legal in the government's eyes. You can promote your business security by choosing suitable SWMS Templates. It will give you more authenticity and ensures the long terms of financial security of your business. There are many benefits of such WHS Templates related to the management of your business, organization, timely delivery, fraud cases, etc.