Thai foods are undoubtedly delicious and, but some of them can also be quite healthy for you. Check out some amazing health benefits is Thai food. The ingredients used, such as fresh herbs and spices, are great for the immune system and disease fighting power. Thai cuisine which uses the freshest and healthiest ingredients.

Use of Vegetables

Almost all the thai food contain fresh vegetables and many healthy ingredients. Also, extra vegetable will be served as a side dish. Vegetables are good for our healthy. Taste the health and delicious thai food. Tom yum soup is packed with flavor from lime, chiles, galangal, and lemongrass.


We all know that the thai food is cooked quickly on a high heat. This holds a significant part of the decency and flavor. Little oil is used in the cooking of Thai stir fried dishes.

Low Sugar and Salt

Thai chefs experts utilize characteristic sugars, for example, palm sugar. This has a lower GI than basic refined sugars and furthermore gives a progressively extreme taste. Also, Thai cooks don’t utilize normal salt. Saltiness is accomplished by including fish sauce which is loaded with protein, nutrients and minerals.

Less Hidden Fats

Thai food doesn’t utilize dairy items thus the dishes will in general incorporate less concealed fats from fixings like spread and cream.

Also, Many ingredients used in Thai cuisine have health benefits. Here are some examples:

Coriander: Its Contain Iron and both Vitamin A and C, it’s a great nutritional value. Coriander helps with digestive problems.

Coconut Milk: Coconut milk and oil contain fat. but this is good, not bad fat. Its help to modulates the metabolic functions, and boosts immunity.

Lemongrass: It’s valuable to headache, cold, fevers, arthritis, fungal conditions & help with digestion as well.

Make you health and enjoy thai food in Royal Thai restaurant.

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