Business Aspects to be considered

Not only in the taxi Booking booking business but before starting any kind of business it is mandatory to know the few aspects of the business that falls outside the scope of technology. Let me mention some of the aspects,

1. The scope of developing the application for your business.

2. Know who your competitors are and whether you can counter them.

3. Set your unique selling point, your strength, and your weakness when it comes to the application.

4. Analyze whether there is enough audience to download your application and use them. And also find a solution for replacing the existing platform, if any other business has already acquired this audience.

5. Find the answers for, What is the future? How long-term or short-term are your goals?

6. Decide the platform for developing your application. And also choose whether it a native application or a cross-platform application.

Once you have satisfying answers to these questions, you can confidently move forward. A business sustains life because of the quality of service and also by the wage for such quality service. It is important to offer a fair price for the taxi experience for the users and ensure that the pricing is transparent.


We could not blindly say that these are the only aspects that made Uber a success all across the globe. There may be some other hidden reasons. All you need is to figure out the exact business logic which made Uber and Ola to the stage where they are today. Finally, don’t aim to meet success in the same way as someone reached. Be your own kind of path to meet success.