The road to client success goes through the digital landscape. Today’s digitally connected customers expect customized service, quicker response, unimaginable experience–everywhere, and each time. Salesforce is one such innovative platform that has enabled organizations to reimagine their relationships with customers from a new perspective across all channels and at every touchpoint. CRM solutions from Salesforce place the client in the middle of everything they are doing.

Our business method ability and technical capability with regard to Salesforce platforms will make sure that you succeed real, transformative, and vital business results. We have with success enforced solutions that incorporate multiple Salesforce clouds. Our key success factors in Salesforce implementation are higher strategic assessment, enterprise cloud computing capability, gracefulness and delivery speed.

Our objective is to be innovative in transforming your sales, marketing, customer service and commerce cloud strategy with the combined strength of our technological expertise along with the world’s #1 CRM solution–Salesforce. Kalibroida will assist you to accelerate digital transformation and CRM transformation initiatives using the Salesforce platform for higher performance and customer-centric business worth.

Why Kalibroida?

Kalibroida’s expertise in Salesforce is bolstered by its CRM consultants who possess smart data of verified tools, methodologies, templates, and solution accelerators.

Kalibroida Salesforce service offerings:-

Salesforce Implementation

We can be your Salesforce implementation partner and switch your potential into growth by deploying a customized solution. The implementation will help you transform your business potential, revolutionize the way you collaborate, communicate and nurture meaningful relationships. We can accomplish the following for you:

Sales cloud rollout

Marketing cloud rollout

Community cloud rollout

Service cloud rollout

Salesforce Integration

Scattered data and information across systems is breeding ground for errors and disorder. It mars efficiency, productivity and increases time-consumption. Integrating alternative systems with Salesforce will bring new levels of efficiency to your processes.

Our Salesforce integration service won’t simply guarantee seamless integration of Salesforce into your existing platform, but see to it that it gets you the desired results in terms of efficiency and productivity. The CRM integration can decrease churn, promote cross-sales opportunities and referrals. We’re equipped to carry out a variety of integrations like:

REST full & SOAP integration

Payment gateway & accounting integration

Legacy system integration

Salesforce Custom Development

All organizations have separate workflows and desires among their CRM. At Kalibroida, we think through and understand your business requirements before beginning to build a solution for you. Our agile development model can facilitate us to keep collaborative in our approach, where you’ll have ample opportunities to review and refine. We’re outfitted with the right expertise and experience to meet your business requirements.

Salesforce Migration

To identify what strategy works well is significant for any business method. Many times migration becomes not only a strategic move but an indispensable requirement. Migration comes into the picture whereas fixing a two-way structure between Salesforce and alternative systems.

Kalibroida can efficiently handle Salesforce Services Migration, irrespective of the scale of your requirement. In the case of data migration, we make sure the integrity of the data is intact, uncompromised, naming conventions are consistent throughout, while duplicity is eliminated. Our consultants make sure the process is fast, reliable and flawless. We offer:

Data migration

Data mining

Data massaging

Third-party database hosting

Salesforce Consulting

We can be your Salesforce consulting partner who can chart out a comprehensive and conducive CRM roadmap for you to multiply growth, and ensure optimal production. Through our Salesforce consulting services, we’ll help you find opportunities for automation, devise a maintainable, scalable plan that contributes to your long-term success. Our consulting services will help you with:

Business process mapping


SFDC products implementation strategy

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation can assure you with unified customer experience. We will assist you drive higher revenue through improved traffic volume, conversion rates, and better average order worth. With Kalibroida Commerce Cloud you can rest assured for a faster time to value. Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud offering will include:

Commerce Cloud Store (PoS)

Omni-channel Commerce

Site Optimization

Solution Support

System Integration

Visual Design