Back in the 1930s, roving pot parties called “tea pads” sprang up in major cities across the country, bringing reefer-loving friends and acquaintances together to get high and listen to jazz.

In Southern California this month, a group of cannapreneurs opened the doors to Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, the first combo on-site consumption lounge and farm-to-table restaurant in the U.S., tipping its hat to those pre-prohibition era gatherings while putting a modern, Hollywood-style spin on the venture.

Execs behind the cafe say they want to provide a social setting for cannabis users and a blueprint for other businesses in the space.

A few marijuana-friendly cities like San Francisco and Denver are early adopters of lounges, which came to fruition after lengthy and complicated government approvals and a host of restrictions.

“Cannabis consumption shouldn’t be relegated to the backroom of a dispensary,” said David Elias, co-founder and CEO of parent firm Lowell Herb Co. “It should be celebrated.

We hope this is a turning point for what the industry will look like in the future.”

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