Gamekit is expanding its integrated marketing platform to North America, and it will use its rewards to connect mainstream brands with the elusive gamers on their own turf.

The Warsaw, Poland-based marketing company has already reached 18 million gamers in 33 countries with its European customers.

In Europe and Latin America, Gamekit has connected non-endemic brands such as Nestle, McDonald’s, and Red Bull, as well as video game developers and publishers Wargaming, Innogames, Plarium, Gaijin, and IGG, with an existing global audience.

Half of its gamers are between the ages of 18 and 24, across console, PC, and mobile.

Brands gain visibility across a user base of millions and yet only pay when players complete a task such as reaching a certain level in-game, allowing marketers to specify natural and fully integrated objectives, customized to each campaign, in order to deliver product- and client-specific return on investment (ROI).

Gamekit’s seamless integration is based on a simple premise: offer prizes and rewards to players who reach certain achievements in partnered titles, or allow players to gain redeemable points by purchasing a product or participating in a promotion.

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