Roundup In a week where the space-faring community said goodbye to death-defying cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, Skyrora upped the ante with its rocket testing, Elon Musk and Jim Bridenstine kissed and made up, and Britain said it would be sending mech-spider nightmare fuel to the Moon.

Brit spiderbot* to roam the Moon

Brit startup SpaceBit showed off its Walking Rover robot at London's New Scientist Live show and announced it would be hitching a ride aboard Astrobotic's Peregrine lander in 2021.

Thornton's spacecraft is due to be launched on the first ULA Vulcan mission in 2021.

Discussion of lunar exploration with Spacebit CEO and Founder, Pavlo Tanasyuk, and US Astronaut Al Worden, who flew to the moon as part of the Apollo 15 mission, moderated by TV presenter @dallascampbell.

To further add to the horror, the four-legged robot can also jump.

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