Like it or not, Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, is among the most memorable on-screen writers of the past two decades.

Betty Suarez is an aspiring writer and personal assistant to Daniel Meade, editor in chief at a high-fashion magazine called Mode.

Although the two make an unlikely team, Betty helps Daniel work through his drug addictions, seedy reputation as a womanizer in the fashion industry and frayed familial relationships, while Daniel helps Betty expose her writing talents.

In Season 2, she admits that at 23, she hasn’t really written anything since running the student newspaper at Queens College, but by Season 4 (the final season), she is promoted to features editor at Mode and later takes on another editorship in London.

Jo is French and Welsh, and Betty is Mexican-American.

Jo continued, “I felt like it gave people insight into having to be in with the crowd [when working at] a high-end publication.

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