Blockchain-based DAPP is booming up the digital world in recent days. DApps have been most popularized by distributed ledger technologies namely Ethereum Blockchain, TRON Blockchain, WAVES Blockchain And so on.

Building DApps on Following Network:

Aeternity Blockchain:

Aeternity is a blockchain network that allows for hosting smart contracts and dapp developments off the main network that makes it runs faster. The DApps developed on aeternity blockchain are called "aepps" which are open source applications.

Aeternity always prioritizes the mobile design and user interface or user experience while developing a decentralized application on its platform.

This Blockchain includes a "Decentralized Oracle Machine" that brings in data from outside sources to be used in smart contracts.

TRON Blockchain:

As we all Know TRON is also a type of Blockchain to Create Decentralized Peer to Peer Digital Media ECO System. So with this blockchain protocol, the publisher can directly deliver their digital content to all the nodes inside the P2P network.

Tron Eliminates the third parties, hence users don’t want to wait for any channel on youtube, iTunes or any other centralized medium in order to distribute their media to the audience.

So TRON benefits both the publisher and consumer. Based on this we can make any kind of dapps on TRON which may be games, gambling, collectibles, exchanges and more.

Tezos Blockchain:

Tezos is introduced with the aim of providing a better space for cryptocurrency, decentralization and smart contracts. Thus introduces as a self-evolving blockchain tezos plays a better role in the cryptocurrency globe.

The main key feature of tezos is its on-chain governance, which involves the government and directions of stakeholders on the platform. Tezos allows its stakeholders for a vote on amendments and even for changing the voting procedures too.

Finance & Education are Tezos focused industries. By developing the dapp with high-quality stable features it makes better and user-friendly.

Minter Blockchain:

Simply, the Minter network is a platform where the users can create their own coins and can exchange them for other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies like the USD.

MApps are applications that are developed on the minter network. Minter app is integrated into a mobile app or a site. This will allow users to sign transactions, create, and manage coins and other features.

You can also create your app on a minter network. Minter Network allows for building and managing applications for your business.MApps can be developed with better UI/UX for both desktops and mobiles.

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