From the start of Netflix black comedy Living With Yourself, which streams on Oct. 18, you know you're in for some weird, funny Rudd.

Once an award-winning "branding bard," he now misses meetings and deadlines and has dark circles under his eyes and dribbles of toothpaste on his dark shirts.

Thus, we get New Miles, who's bursting with creative inspiration and has smoother skin, better hair and more colorful shirts than Original Miles.

But at its core, the thoroughly enjoyable Living With Yourself -- created by Timothy Greenberg, an Emmy-winning former producer of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart -- is about the ways we battle ourselves.

It's about the voices in our heads telling us we're not good enough or smart enough or attractive enough or lovable enough, and an exploration of what enough really is anyway.

Thing is, while the schlocky scientists who perform the treatment usually kill off the person who's been cloned, they don't succeed this time.

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