Supermarket giant Sainsbury's is being widely praised this morning for not selling something, thanks to bosses taking a decision not to stock any fireworks across the entire group ahead of this year's bonfire night parties.

Sainsbury's isn't saying exactly why it's not bothering with fireworks this year, although it's presumably at least partly in response to a petition from last year that took more than 300,000 signatures from people asking for the sale of the things to be literally banned nationwide.

Pick your own reason from the usual list of reasons for the actual reason, like them panicking animals, burning kids, irritating local councillors, being a nightmare to store safely, having to display them really far away from the cigarettes, the need to verify age before purchase and the like.

Let's hope this ban doesn't push the sale of fireworks underground and encourage YouTubers to research DIY firework recipes that could incinerate them.

No wait, that's another "pro."

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